Welcome to Latte's and Mamma T's Boutique, an inspirational typography t-shirt and mug online shop. 

Words have so much value and has so much power. When shirts are combined with simple words or phrases you end up with something totally you to add to any wardrobe. Also, words on mugs have a way of adding a little personality to go with your day as it is started with coffee or tea.

That is why I say "I put inspirational words on shirts and mugs." 

Every phrase and word in this store is uplifting and placed on quality shirts and mugs.

As a customer, you should know that every shirt and mug is designed by Katina Davenport, the owner. If you're in need of an inspirational shirt or mug not included in this store we customize and personalize it for you. 

Also, we can take care of any businesses who need custom shirts or mugs with their logos. 

I work with my husband. Together, we work with a high quality supplier who will print, package, and send your items directly to you. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

May your day be encouraged, uplifting, and expressive.