We Are All About Giving Words of Encouragement to Women

Words of encouragement to women means so much to so many.

Women often compare their lives to other women and feel anxiety when it doesn't measure up to a "high standard".

When I first began Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique I knew the journey had come full circle from my husband's initial t-shirt business idea. I was putting words on shirts but it was more than that. 

I began to take a look at the words I was placing on the shirts and instantly new that the words were encouraging.

I could feel the encouragement and so could other ladies that encountered me wearing the shirts. 

Instantly, a smile would appear. Some have asked where could they find such a shirt. 

Surely, I was on to something. 

The shirts were also resonating with men too. 


I couldn't believe it! 

Everyone needs an encouraging word especially when the world and the media is promoting negativity more than ever. 

I believe wearing words of encouragement uplifts the person who is wearing the t-shirt. It is also uplifting the person who stops and says "I like your shirt." I believe they are really saying "I like the message that your shirt is sending to me and to others in this world." 

Can you imagine an army of women who wants to see more positivity in this world start speaking positive words of encouragement to themselves and others? And, can you imagine these women bringing more words of encouragement in this world by wearing them? Maybe negativity wouldn't win so much and we could help our families and friends become better individuals just by living in a more positive atmosphere. 

This is the vision for Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique: to uplift women with inspirational t-shirts and mugs. 

I explained more about this vision in a recent video. 


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