New Spring Arrivals for 2019

Spring has sprung in the world of fashion. We have new Spring arrivals at Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique. They are sure to work well with our inspirational t-shirts. 

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Stylish Spring Glossy Purse

These stylish glossy purses are sure to add a little more texture and style to your outfits. It comes with a long strap or you can just carry it by the handles. I particularly love the retro clasp to open and close the purse. 




Stripped Leather Tote

This tote is highly function. It has plenty of space and comes with a matching wallet. If you're one to carry a lot of essentials then this leather tote is for you. It comes in various colors. 


Modern Satchel 

Get the designer look and feel with this purse that you can wear with anything. It is professional enough to wear to work, and functional enough to wear for a casual event with friends. 


The Magazine Purse

Make a statement with this magazine purse. It mainly has all of the famous magazine covers from the Obamas. It also includes some fashion magazine covers as well. The diamond on the clasp is so perfectly elegant and unique, which adds to the rarity of this trendy purse. This our most popular purse so make sure you order soon.


The Dream Shirt

Our mission at Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique is to uplift women with inspirational tees. I have brought back this design by request from a customer. She saw a photo of me wearing this shirt and wanted one for herself. As soon as I put it back in the store it began to receive looks and shares. It really resonated with my shoppers. This is the new shirt we have in the store for Spring. I can have this design printed on any color shirt if you choose. 

Leopard Pattern Drop Earring

This lovely leopard pattern drop earring is a very subtle way to incorporate one of the biggest trends this season. 

Blue Leaf Necklace

Dress up a casual look or dress up your evening look with this necklace. Which ever you choose, you will look and feel fabulous. 


2in1 Tube Dress

This dress is the perfect Spring look. The floral pattern gives it a spring feel and since it versatile it will really add to your wardrobe. Wear it as a dress or wear it as a skirt. Hint: it will look great with one of our inspirational t-shirts in white. The shirts comes in burgundy or black. 

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