Sears Stores Are Closing, How are You Affected?

Sears stores closing


I honestly have to say that I am sorry Sears is closing its doors.

Our neighborhood Sears store closed their doors earlier this year. It was replaced by an At Home store. 

In fact, 3 of the Sears stores that our family visited frequently closed within the last two years. 

It has been a shift as we had to find new stores for the family fashions that we liked.

I primarily shopped for my children and husband. My husband happened to like buying slacks from Sears for work.

I enjoyed buying the Carter baby and toddler sets for my little ones. They are older now, but my daughters loved the inspirational tops, and my son loved the superhero tees. Besides that, we could find quality winter clothing for a great price for a family of 5. Trust me, we would spend $600 on clothes for my three children at one time. That was after redeeming coupons. 

What is to Blame for Sears Closing? 

The rise of e-commerce stores such as Amazon has been the blame for stores such as Sears closing. Although online sales have risen to 10%. Brick and mortar stores are still bringing in 90% of sales, it can hardly justify many of the stores closing. However, the decline in middle class status is causing consumers to search out discounted stores to save money, so it seems.

Recent reports are saying that 142 more stores are closing.  Check that list to see if your favorite store is closing. 

Customizing Inspirational Tops and Casual Wear 

My husband recently lost one of his favorite zipped hoodies. It's actually been lost for a year. He was going to shop for a new one at a store, but realized that he could buy one from me. He said, "why would I buy one from a store when I can support my wife." He requested a particular logo, and black colored zipped hoodie, and just like that, he has a custom hoodie. 

You too can have the perfect tops created just for you. Be sure to inbox me on Facebook for inquires and quotes. 

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