15 Truths About the Power of Words That Will Impact Your Life

15 Truths on the Power of Words. Blog post title.

Do you truly know the power and impact of words whether read or spoken? 

Here is a list of truths you may or may not have known about the power of words. Choose them carefully. 

Words Have Power

1. Words, whether positive or negative, have a vibration. They have life. They can either create something good or negative. 

2. They influence good or bad emotions within a person. 

3. When you complain about what you don't like in your life you are bringing further life to those negative words. This is why you must consciously choose what you will speak. Remember when mom told us to think before we speak? Well, my mom did. That advice is very important.

4. Words will affirm beliefs about yourself. So when you speak something negative about yourself such as I am fat, lazy, ugly then you are affirming those things. On the contrary, when you affirm great and glorious things about yourself then you are affirm those beliefs. You could say that I AM well, I AM joyful, or I AM ready to receive my blessings!

5. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34)." When there is evil within the heart then your conversation will be perverse or very negative. On the other hand when you have love and goodness within your heart then your conversation will reflect what is already there. So, it is important to fill your heart with what you want to be spoken out. 

6. Words do more than express feelings or information. They can stir up hatred and start wars. 

7. Words have the power to build impressionable minds into healthy self-esteem.

8. Words can heal and bring comfort to a hurting heart. 

9. Your words can change minds. Have you ever been manipulated, indoctrinated, or brainwashed? Have you ever been enlightened in your thinking, awakened to new knowledge, or brought to redemption? That is the power of words. 

10. Have you ever said I want this or that and it came to pass? You have just created something in your world. God created the world and everything in it, and since we are his creation we are creators too. 

11. What is said is not always what is meant. For example, if you compliment a person saying 'you have such a pretty face' it can leave the person receiving the compliment with mixed feelings. They will draw their own conclusion about what is being said and internalize your compliment as something negative. They will feel that the only part of them is pretty is their face and not their body. Be intentional about the compliments and kind words you give. If you think someone is pretty then say it! Don't let it me conditional. 

12. Dr. Masuru Emoto studied the effects of words on water. He concluded that words can change the molecular structure of the water whether the words spoken were positive or negative. Using high speed photography, he was able to record the beautiful geometric shapes when words of love or gratitude was spoken to a sample of water. When negative, evil words were spoken to another sample of water, the molecular structure was changed into destructed shapes. We are made of 70% water so think about the molecular changes we experience when we speak positive or negative words to others or when those words are directed at us. 

13. The words you speak, intonation, words spoken with an accent, and even the use of slang can project an image of a person you are speaking to over the phone. 

14. Many words have emotional triggers. Often times when people use controversial words such as 'God' emotional responses will emerge. Words hold different power and weight based upon the belief system of the person using it.

15. Research has shown reading words that promote love and kindness can help a person feel calm or increase their mood.

Wearing Apparel With Words are Powerful 

Knowing these 15 truths on the power of words have lead me to create positive, encouraging statements on apparel to promote more positivity in this world.

These messages are often empowering and inspirational. I always say that wearing words lets people know what you believe without saying a word. For example, I've helped customers broadcast custom messages about their business, their love for the Parliament Funkadelics, that they are favored by God, even that they are natural beauties through t-shirts.

Our latest shirt, Wear What You Will Declare has I AM and positive words and phrases that you could say to yourself all written in the word DECLARE. I can guarantee you will spend time reading those words before putting in on, marveling at how the words were designed to look like letters. Also, those who see you wearing the shirt will want to know more about the words. We are about uplifting women, so as you are uplifted other women will be too. This perpetuates more positive messages in the life of others.

Make sure you check it out, get one for yourself and someone else.

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