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It's Okay to Prioritize Yourself

im doing this for me

I know I need to exercise, but I have to fold the laundry first.

I know I need to relax, but I have so many errands to run this weekend.

I'm so tired, but I need to work on this to do list another hour. 

This was me.

But, I no longer had the will to listen to the little voice in my head that said I needed to take care of everyone else's needs before I take care of mine. 

There are times when I WILL have to put my family first. An illness for, example. However, I have learned to say that I'm doing this for me, for the first time in years.

My health had to come first. I saw myself in the mirror and wondered if I would ever be able to look close to what I looked like before my first child was born. I wasn't skinny, but I liked looking at myself in the mirror then. Eating healthy and exercise had to be first in my life. 

Rest and relaxing more had to be scheduled because stress was literally making me sick. I couldn't focus. I was breaking out all of the time. I was dealing with stomach aches frequently.

Thank God I changed my eating habits and started an exercise routine that worked for me. It helped reduce those stressful feelings in my life. 

I'm Doing This For Me Inspirational T-Shirt

This shirt is personal, but I know many women who are doing so much they forget to do one thing for themselves. ONE THING!!!! 

What is that one thing you could do for yourself? 

Start a business

Lose weight

Get more sleep

Hire someone to help around the house

Go back to school

Get a new job

Whatever IT is do it for you. You are so worth it. 

Treat Yourself 

Do you know what you will gain when you buy this t-shirt or tank top? A feeling of encouragement. It is the encouragement to know that you CAN prioritize yourself even if it is one thing at a time.

Wear it to the grocery store, hanging out with your girls, or dress it up for church.

It doesn't matter where you wear it, just wear it! Do you. And spread the message to other women that they can do something just for them. 

It comes in a tank top, perfect for the summer and regular t-shirt. Plus sizes are available. 

ic: I'm Doing This for Me Tank Top

ic: I'm Doing This for Me Tee


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