Natural Hair T-Shirts and Hoodies Are In

Natural hair

Natural hair t-shirts and hoodies are in!

I am proud to announce the new natural hair shirt and hoodie design in the shop.

Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique is proud to uplift women who are wearing their coily and kinky hairstyles.

I will admit that the design looked different before I released it. I was thinking of creating a tee that said "natural beauty" but spoke to women who loved makeup. 

I felt that I needed more from the design. Although it was cute as a makeup t-shirt design I needed something more in depth. 

Then I ran into a post on social media that literally broke my heart. A young African-American girl who enjoys wearing beautiful natural hairstyles felt so unattractive in comparison to other women she saw online. My heart sank as I thought about my beautiful daughters. They have natural hair and I want them to always embrace their natural looks. I had to create a shirt that would inspire young African American women and women of all ages to be proud of her natural hair.

I know there are so many young ladies who share the same sentiment. I have had the same feelings when I was in my 20's.  I was hoping that I could find a way to look better or maybe look my favorite female celebrity at that time. I cannot remember who I wanted to emulate. Nonetheless, I was plagued with those feelings. 

I spent too many hours wishing I had someone else's curves, looks, or hair instead of embracing my authentic self.

Introducing the Natural Hair Tee to Inspire Women

I'm proud to introduce this very special tee as I aspire to life up all women of color who enjoy their natural hairstyles. 

I wear my hair in the twist out and I will most definitely enjoying wearing this tee. 

Natural hair selfie

I'm wearing the natural beauty tee in soft cream in this selfie (better photos coming soon). The red and green accents appear closely matched to how it is pictured in the mockups. 

Take a look at what we have available so far in the natural hair t-shirts and hoodies. Buy two tees and get FREE shipping. 

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