Is Mom Life Really the Best Life?

Have you heard mom life is the best life?

If you haven't, then look up the hashtag on Instagram. 

#momlifeisthebestlife is one of the most popular hashtags you can find on Instagram relative to anything that a mom would post. 

Moms are proud of their children. Most love to post images of their smiling faces, especially if the mom is a new mom. You can expect to see tons of cute pictures celebrating their new baby. 

The hashtag and the phrase has me thinking is mom life really the best life. To every mom, mom life really is the best life. So, I guess the answer is yes....well the answer is relative. Nonetheless, the notion is still fun. 

There are ups and downs in motherhood but it seems there are far more good days than there are bad days. Besides, what mother can resist their child's cute face? The face alone is what makes many mothers say that mom life is the best life. 

I decided to create a mom life collection in celebration of every mom, including myself. All of us moms have schedules or activities that are common. It is a sisterhood whether you are a single mom or married mom. We are going through life caring for our children, sacrificing our needs to make a better life for them. This collection is all about remembering our commonality and celebrating the joys of motherhood.

Time really does go by fast so enjoy your children. 

Here are some of the items in the collection.

"Stronger than a Toddler" Mug

Moms of toddlers know how physically strong and strong willed toddlers can be. There is no amount of coffee that is stronger than a toddler, but we hope it is true. The saying on this mug is a prayer that every mom is saying without saying a word before taking that first sip of coffee in the morning. Love it? It is available in the shop. 


Mom Life Mug and Tee

This tee and mug is straight to the point. People will know how much you love mom life by having one or both of these items. Celebrate and represent the sisterhood of motherhood. You can find them in the mom life collection section of the shop. 

Homeschool Mom Shirt

I am a full-time homeschool mom who absolutely have to be the mom, teacher, and the principal. It seems as if my son is the one who is always getting sent to the principals office, or pulled to the side for a chat, for not cooperating during class time. It amuses me when the children raise their hands during class. If you're a homeschool mom and can relate to being a mom, teacher, and principal then this shirt is for you. Find it here in the shop. 


Ready to Go in 5 Minutes Mug

There is a reason my mom used to wear leggings all of the time. I remember being embarassed by them. I wanted her to wear jeans. Now that I am a mother I keep leggings in the drawer. They are good for the days when I need to get dressed in 5 minutes or less. They are good for the times when I need to run to the store. They are great for working. But to make getting ready complete I need that burst of coffee or tea, a comfy tee, leggings, and a lipstick. Outfit done! Can you relate? Then you might love this mug. Check it out. 

Those are just some of the items we have in the #momlife collection. 

Check out this video where I unbox the 3 of the items from the collection. 

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