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Attention all homeschool moms. 

It's August and I know many homeschools are buzzing with work. Homeschool is just about to get started at our house. Our children couldn't be more excited!

Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique is all for uplifting women. Homeschool moms are no exception. I created our homeschool mom shirts to inspire homeschool households during difficult moments. I know there could be plenty of them throughout the entire year. 

The recently added homeschool mom logo t-shirts speaks to a fun and successful homeschool year. 

Every homeschool year gets better and better in our home because I truly understand the needs of my children. All three of them need different resources and have different goals. Mainly, they want to be more hands on. Therefore, I will have them doing more hands on projects and crafting in between some of the more traditional subjects. With this knowledge I am ready to have more fun helping my children achieve academic success. 

Homeschool mom shirt, homeschool proud

This shirt is just one of the three designs in the Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique store. Check out these top three homeschool mom shirts. The shirts are clickable so if you like one click on it. You will be directed to  see more information about the shirt. 




Homeschool mom shirt, homeschool mom there is no substitute



Homeschool mom shirt, mom teacher principal

I also have homeschool shirts for the entire family. Both mom, dad, and the children can wear the logo tees. 

Just for being such great homeschoolers I have a code you can use to get 15% any of the homeschool shirts in the store. At checkout time simply use the code HOMESCHOOLERS. Shop now. 

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