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Gift Cards and Why Purchasing One During this Pandemic Can Support Local Small Businesses

Katina Davenport

Posted on April 13 2020

Gift Cards and Why Purchasing One During this Pandemic Can Support Local Small Businesses

How to purchase a gift card from Lattes and Mamma T’s Boutique. Why now is the perfect time to purchase a gift card? How your purchase of a gift card from the boutique will help during this pandemic. How businesses can promote gift cards to help their business stay a float.


Hi It’s Katina Davenport owner of Lattes and Mamma T’s Boutique writing. This blog post is a bit of an announcement for my previous customers and those who were thinking of shopping with the boutique but hasn’t as of yet. I’m also including some promotional ideas for fellow small businesses to help them stay a float.

The big announcement is that the boutique is now offering gift cards. I’m grateful for Shopify allowing me use this feature at the monthly plan I currently use at no extra cost.

The gift cards are set up in different denominations—$5, $10, $25, $50, $75, and $100. Once purchased, the card will come with a unique code that can be used as long as you have a balance on the card. This card can only be used at Lattes and Mamma T’s Boutique and can’t be refunded. 


Those who purchase a gift card and use it later will be doing their part to help the boutique, a small business, during this pandemic. I am not able to pivot my business to sell face masks or hand sanitizer like other businesses. All gift card purchased during this time of crisis will assist in keeping the online store going as I am waiting on the decision from the SBA for business assistance. 

How Small Businesses Can Promote Their Gift Cards


Other stores offering gift cards can do the same as well. If you’re a business owner reading this post remember: simply offering the gift card will not get customers to purchase. Promotion is the key.

  • Reach out to customers who have bought from you in the past.
  • Reach out to potential customers who may like your business but has not purchased yet. These are people who have expressed interest in your products on social media. I have tons of followers who say “I want this shirt or this top”. They may have added to cart but hasn’t forgotten to purchase or the time to purchase may have not been right.
  • Email your contacts. These are people who have signed up for your email list.
  • Promote on all social media channels.
  • Politely ask friends and family. Your Facebook profile is a good place to share your ask. Post on you Facebook business page and share to your profile. Share more than once or twice. This is your livelihood!
  • Keep a record of those who purchased a gift card. Keep them in a segmented email list and promote specifically to them!
  • Create sales on specific products to promote to your gift card list as shipping gets better. Also, remind them to use their gift card codes.
  • Do live videos or pre recorded videos about your gift cards.
  • I would avoid paid promotions at this time if there are shipping delays in your area and if there are strict stay at home orders in your State.  


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