Celebrate the Strength of Mom This Year With These Fun and Simple Gifts

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is just around the corner. We are about a month away from going to brunches, dinners, and buying all the things she loves. 

Here at Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique we are celebrating the strength of being a mom with simple tees that say so much. Save 20% from April 12-May 13, 2018 when you use code MOTHERSDAY2018.

Phenomenal Momma 

Phenomenal momma shirt for mother's day


First up the Phenomenal Momma tee.

This tee is a spin on the title of the Phenomenal Woman poem written by Maya Angelou. I know some moms that are unusually great. They would give anything to make sure their children have all of their needs met, even in adulthood. Celebrate your phenomenal mom with this shirt. 

I Get it From My Momma

I get it from my momma shirt for Mother's Day

Next, the "I Get it From My Momma" tee.

This shirt is a play on a rap song from a very, very long time ago. I think I was in highschool in the 90's when it came out. Gosh, I just dated myself. Anyway, even though the song was talking about something entirely different, this shirt represents the strength that a mom possess. I get many of my strengths from my mother and she gets her strengths from her mother. A mom and a daughter could wear this shirt in celebration of their motherhood. 

Strong Like Momma

Shirt for Mother's Day Strong Like Momma

The Strong Like Momma tee shirt represents the awesomeness of mothers. I recall reading a post on Facebook from a husband who admitted to calling his wife weak. But when he saw her handling both of her small children at one after finishing a long day of work, this husband realized that his wife was incredibly strong. This shirt embodies many of the things moms have to do while finding the strength within to get the job done. 

Phenomenal Woman 

Phenomenal woman shirt for mother's day

The Phenomenal Woman tee is a celebration of the great women in your life who might not necessarily be your biological mom. Yes, it is inspired from the poem by Maya Angelou. It also can be given as a gift to the woman who you want to honor as being a great mother figure in your life. 

There you have it! These shirts will make fun gifts for mom this year. Shop all of the Momlife and Mother's Day Collection and make mom feel special. 

Phenomenal Woman Tee in light heather grey shirt worn by Katina Davenport of Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique. It is a selfie photo.

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