5 Facts About Women and Online Shopping in 2018

Facts about women shoppers in 2018

I love shopping online.

I have my favorite stores, including my own, Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique. 

So when I read an article from CNBC on the habits on men and women shoppers, I was thrilled to agree with many of the points. 

Here are some of the facts about women and online shopping:

  • Women enjoy online shopping more than men. 
  • Women are more likely to shop on Amazon than men.
  • Female shoppers don't necessarily have to see and feel everything in order to buy it. 
  • Women shoppers are more likely to research a product, read the reviews, and choose products that are best sellers. 
  • Women love to bargain hunt and will wait for sales. 

What does this information mean for Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique?

Well, the store is primarily online; however, I would love the opportunity to allow customers in the community to feel our items. It is important that customers can have hands on experiences with the products at events or trade shows. This is something that can happen in the near future. 

I will continue to reach out to female shoppers and offer more discounts, and bundle packages. 

Since women enjoy reviews it is important that customers have opportunities to review the products, whether through video testimonials, on social media, or on the blog. 

Are you a woman who loves online shopping? If so click here to shop inspirational t-shirts and mugs at Lattes and Mamma T's Boutique. 

 Facts about how women are shopping online in 2018 and what these means for online retailers.


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